What is a Car Splitter and How Does it Work

Splitters don’t have to be exclusively reserved for racers. Everyday car owners can have them installed too. Maybe you want to improve your car’s performance and upgrade your ride, or perhaps you want to make your vehicle more aesthetically pleasing. Either way, installing a splitter is what you need to create a smoother, faster, eye-catching ride. Air pressure at high speeds can lead to less traction, meaning you need to slow down to control the car. When driving, especially on the motorway or on track days, this is the opposite of what you want to do. So, installing a splitter means the pressure is relieved, and the car can remain at higher speeds while keeping you fully in control. Car splitters can come in different colours and styles, meaning that you can find the perfect one to fit your personality and your car.

Whether your car is old and reliable, or brand new, you can upgrade its look and functionality by installing a splitter. Read on to learn more about car splitters, how they work and why you need one.

What Is a Car Splitter?

A car splitter is a body modification, that is usually attached to the bottom of the bumper at the front of the vehicle. They are typically made from carbon fibre (or similar durable materials), which is a light material that allows your car to reach higher speeds. Splitters are recognisable from their (usual) flat scoop and half-moon shape, which extends out from the bottom of the car’s front. Here, there may also be support rods attached between the splitter and the bumper to keep the splitter parallel to the ground. These front splitters are essential for aerodynamics, balancing the front and rear distribution of downforce. This helps to enhance the car’s performance, allowing it to hit higher speeds for longer.

How Does a Splitter Work?

So, what is the splitter meant to tackle? Well, when the car reaches high speeds, air pressure builds up at the front of the car. Most of this is high pressure, low-speed air which ends up travelling underneath the vehicle. However, as there is only low-pressure air above the car exerting itself on the top, the car experiences ‘lift’, with the front of the vehicle ‘lightening up’. This means there is reduced traction on the road leading to the need to reduce speed.

A car splitter works to prevent this by acting as a wedge at the front of the car. This forces the high-pressure air upwards where it migrates up and over the car. Therefore, the air pressure is swapped over, with low-pressure air passing underneath the car and high-pressure air moving over the car. This results in a reduced ‘lift’, giving the car more traction to ‘hug’ the ground so that the car can drive faster for a more extended period.


How Should the Splitter be Fitted?

The lower the car is to the ground the greater suction of air created. Therefore, the splitter should usually be located at the lowest point possible to prevent this. However, don’t put the splitter too close to the ground otherwise it will stall, producing less downforce and more drag, which is the exact opposite of what is wanted. But why does this happen? With a very low splitter, air will not be able to go through the bottom part, meaning the speed of the air flow will decrease and as a result increase the pressure. So, make sure you, or whoever fits your splitter, understands the dynamics and complexities otherwise you might end up with a splitter that isn’t as effective as it could be.

Splitters are the high performance, aerodynamic upgrade that you have been looking for. By relieving pressure, they can give you an edge against competitors on the race track and help you to have as much fun as possible while also making your car really eye-catching with a racing style. Contact KSB Autostyling today for more information on the range of splitters we supply. All our products are made to the highest quality, and we are proud that all our stock is UK made.

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